Freedom to explore

So this week, I’m going to simply recommend a piece from NPR Ed that I recently listened to titled Freedom to Explore.  If you’ve never checked out the NPR Ed website, there’s tons of interesting information there.  Some of the pieces are articles that are freely available, while other pieces are audio that you can play over your computer, or listen to on your smartphone.

This piece fits with our thinking in the HSE21 model so well!  Listen to how 2 schools (admittedly very different than our school) are moving towards a more progressive version of learning.  Maybe there will be some ideas here that you can bring into your own classroom!  To listen to this piece, click on the link below, then click the listen button on the page.  You can listen from your computer, or on a smart phone.  Enjoy!  After you’ve listened, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Freedom to Explore

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