Reflections from Tuesday

I hope that all of you were able to take something positive away from Tuesday’s PD: HSE21 Inquiry in Action.  I know that whenever I attend a PD such as that, I feel overwhelmed.  There are so many great ideas, and sometimes some things that just don’t seem to fit for me right now.  Trying to figure out what to do with the information overload can be a bit daunting.

One of the things that I have definitely learned throughout my years of PD – if there was something good, I better try it soon.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something good at a conference, but I’ve found an excuse to not implement it right away (I don’t have time, I’m not sure my students are ready, etc.).  When I put those awesome ideas off, they end up getting lost in the black hole of professional learning – that’s where all great ideas that we never try go.

So… With that in mind, here’s some simple advice.  Think about the questions that the presenters were asked to frame their sessions around:

  • What can you do to transform your classroom tomorrow?
  • What can you do to transform your classroom next week?
  • What can you do to transform your classroom in the long term?

When you get a chance to reflect on your learning from Tuesday, try to find the nuggets that you might want to use to answer those questions.  What is the thing that you can try tomorrow (or on Monday if you’re reading this the day it posts)?  Commit to it and give it a shot.  If you know you can’t do it tomorrow, set your own goal of when you want to try that new thing.  Put it on your calendar, share with a colleague, or do something to hold yourself accountable.

Next, set one or two long term goals based on something you learned on Tuesday.  Maybe take your idea and collaborate with a colleague, or use the ideas you learned to plan a new unit for your class.

Remember that reflection is one of the most important pieces of the learning process.  Tuesday was nonstop without much time for contemplation between sessions.  Make sure you take a little time while everything is still fresh in your mind to look back on any notes you took, or ideas that you came up with.

As you reflect, share with us one takeaway from your sessions on Tuesday.  What is the one thing you plan to try?  Or tell us what you have already tried.  We’d love to hear about your learning, and your excitement from the day.  Share with us in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Reflections from Tuesday

  1. I used Seesaw for math retakes this week. Such an easy and fun way for the students to practice a skill and assess it. I also learned about the website called Illustrative Mathematics and started integrating it into our Math Workshop!


  2. I’m excited to try the “Explain Everything” app that Jon Landis demonstrated. Wendy and I were also so excited to meet many music teachers from around the district we have never met. Our takeaway on that was that we need a PD day just for music teachers of all level to meet, talk, share, celebrate, and learn how we can all support one another’s programs.


  3. I got the most from our first keynote speaker. I am looking into whether or not some of the Power Puppies work can become digital books with animation, and I wonder if we shouldn’t perform Shakespeare for our jr. high play to help the kids with the reading. Lol!


  4. I know I am just a bit behind on this post, but wanted to share that I went right back and did some stop motion animation with my class inspired by one of my sessions. We brainstormed how we might use this creative format to enhance our learning/sharing. In addition, I also had my students brainstorm some of the questions of the day such as, “What contribution(s) do you hope/plan to make in the world? “How can schools/teachers help you reach your goals?” and “What creative projects can you suggest that will increase engagement/learning?” Responses are already impacting instruction and will help guide learning experiences in 2017!


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