Building strengths

How do we go about creating a culture of innovation? We start with those who are innovators! As I spend more time in my role as an assistant principal, I get the opportunity to observe the amazing things that are happening in our building. I feel that I have learned more about teaching in the past 5+ years of administration than I learned in all my years as a teacher. Simply observing what others do has allowed this growth! This time in observation, and then reflection, allows me to identify strengths in each of the people in my building.

Now when we are thinking about a new initiative, or trying something innovative, I am able to think about the strengths of each person in the building and use that knowledge to plan our next steps. If someone is doing something innovative in their classroom, I may ask them to share what they are doing with others. If there is someone I feel would grow from watching someone else, then I work to set that up.


As Peter Drucker says, it’s much easier for us to improve and grow based on our own strengths. By identifying and allowing people to share their strengths, we are able to get more growth throughout the school!

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